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Bigo Live: Welcome

We're hiring Bigo Live Host / Broadcaster

BIGO LIVE as a platform is also giving an opportunity to entertainers across India to perform on BIGO’s platform & in return BIGO LIVE would incentivise them by making them an official host. We gives you an earning opportunity to become official host and earn a decent amount from this platform.

Bigo Live: About

Work Position- Host/Recruiter

You can work on Bigo Live as Host or Recruiter. Host will do mobile live broadcast and after achieving monthly target then host will paid salary.
if you want work as recruiter you can recruit host and earn a decent commission.

Who can become Bigo Live official host?

BIGO is hiring official streamers who have talent like singing, dancing, comedy, acting, celebrity(Youtuber, Instagram bloggers, video album etc,) or have any other talents.

What is the benefits of Bigo live official host?

If you will become Bigo live official host you can earn money, also you can increase you social media fans and at the same time you can make your good identity on social media platform.

How to become Bigo live official host?

If you want to become Bigo live official host and earn money from Bigo live you can become official host of Bigo live.

Follow these steps:

1. Download Bigo Live

Download via Play store Click Here to download

2. Register via Google/Facebook or Mobile

3. Create and complete your profile

4. Fill-up the form for official host.



Salary is base on how much fans you have on social media account. Salary will be INR 11,000-1 Lakhs+/month.

How to become Bigo Live Host?

If you want to become bigo live host then contact us.

Click here for contact.

Bigo Live: FAQ

Support Center

Our support team will help you!

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