Chamet Agency Registration 

It is glad that you are interested in Chamet! Not only we can provide an amazing platform for your hostesses to earn, but also we provide an extraordinary platform to let you strengthen your team because you can invite and bind some other agencies with you here. Your revenue will grow by increasing the number of sub-agents, which is our most significant feature.

We would like to introduce ourselves in detail and look forward to cooperating with you as soon as possible!

you can register as an agency in Chamet. After the registration, we will provide a management system to you, which helps you monitor your hostesses and sub-agents, check their salaries and your revenue, bind hostesses or sub-agents under your agency, and so on. Thus, you should master the management system because you will need it to operate your team independently.

Chamet Agency Registration: 




you will register by that link and fill in all required information in the form. You can start to use the management system immediately after the registration is successful.

Chamet Agency Management Login:


Information on settlement and payment

1. The time point of settlement is every Monday at 5:00 am (UTC+8).

2. We pay the salaries and commissions of yours to your Payoneer accounts every Thursday automatically, so you have to do nothing. Moreover, we practically deduct The Beans from hostesses' accounts after we have made the payment to your Payoneer accounts.


Read Chamet Agent Policy Carefully.


Rules for Chamet Hostesses

Some serious violations would cause strict punishment such as ban the hostess from Chamet, confiscation of related agency’s commission.

✅A hostess registers more than one account in Chamet.
✅A hostess switches agency to others, or an agency entices hostesses to own agency inside Chamet.
✅A hostess presents pornographic content during Public Live.(no limit during private video call)
✅A hostess is under 18 years old.

Also, we use Chamet Standards to rule some behaviours of hostesses. If they ignore the Standards or warnings, we will remove her from the List of Popular, which will cause the fact that no callers can find them until they correct their unqualified behaviours.

For their poster
1. You should wear-makeup or use a photo with beautification.
2. You should use a photo of yourself.
3. Your photo should be in high definition and with proper-brightness.

4. Your photo should be with a tidy background.
5. You should use a half-length photo and dress decently.

For Live Mode
1.  keep your face in the box all the time.
2. You should be in a bright surrounding.
3. You should wear makeup and dress decently.
4. You should use earphones.
5. You should not lie down during live.

Last but not least, our artificial intelligence system helps us to do these inspections and it is very sensitive, so please inform your hostesses to avoid unqualified behaviours. Moreover, our AI system also can screen out hostesses who are not able to earn and stop distributing calls to them, so you should not recruit hostesses who are not good at this profession to us because they will be dismissed anyway.

For support:

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Frequently asked questions

What is Chamet Agency?

If you can recruit talent for the app and want to earn good money, then you can register as Chamet Agent.

How much will i earn from Chamet?

Different commission ratios are depending on the total weekly revenue of an agency. if you have 20-30 hostess then you can earn good commission from chamet. Chamet agent Commission ratio

How to withdraw salary and commission?

Hostess need to bind their bank into their earnings and agents need to bind Dlocal in agent management portal. we pay the salary to host and commission for agent separately. For Indian Agents: Salary of hostesses and commission of agencies directly paid to Indian agents. We pay the commission separately, so you should not deduct salaries of hostesses, or we may stop cooperate with you.

When hostess and agents will receive payment from chamet?

Chamet pay the salaries every Thursday automatically, so you have to do nothing.

How to Invite and add hostess in chamet agency?

Copy "Invitation link of Hostess" and send it to your hostess, they need to bind their phone number and create an chamet account with same number. Hostess will automatically added into your agency and you can check them into your agent portal: Dashboards>Member list>Hostess list if you can't see your hostess in your hostess list then you can add manually with their Chamet ID and Registered mobile number.

Where we can contact for Chamet Official support?

When you registered as chamet agent we will contact you from Whatsapp on your registered number, if your registered number is not available on WhatsApp then you can contact us for support. Helpdesk:
WhatsApp: +919661599187