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Chamet Agency Registration

You can register your Chamet agency Click here for Chamet agency registration. After the Chamet agent registration, we will provide a Chamet agency management system to you, which helps you monitor your Chamet hostesses and sub-agents, check their salaries and your revenue, bind hostesses or sub-agents under your Chamet agency.

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What is Chamet App?

Chamet App is a social mobile app. It have many features like- live Streaming, Video Chat & and Party Rooms. It's allows you to meet new people around the globally.






What is Chamet Agency?

Chamet Agency collaborate with company and onboard hosts - models on app. Hosts/model do live and earning, Agency helps companies to grow in market. You can check Chamet agency salary chart document in this page where you can see Chamet agent commission ratio. If you need Chamet agency contact number check in  contact  page.

Responsibilities :





How to create your own Chamet Agency? 

Chamet agency registration link for agent where agent register own chamet agency agent id and invite chamet host in own agency. Now they can earn from chamet app.

Steps of Agency Registration

  1. Create a unique username
    Note: It'll be use when you login Chamet agency.

  2. Set password for Chamet agency login.

  3. Enter same password again.

  4. Type your agency name.
    Note: It'll be show to your hosts.

  5. Select Country code and put your active mobile number.
    Note: Please use whatsapp number for receive notification from us.

  6. Click send to receive OTP code via SMS and enter OTP to verify.

  7. Click Bind to complete your Chamet agency registration.

How to login Chamet Agency? 

Chamet agency login link where chamet agent can login his chamet dashboard and manage host and sub-agents.

Chamet Agency Login

After registration you need to login Chamet agency to monitor and mange your agency's hosts.

  1. Goto 

  2. Enter your Username which you created while registration.

  3. Enter password.

  4. Click on  Login  button to enter your Chamet agency management system.

    Note: You need to use your USERNAME & PASSWORD Which you filled while agency registration.

How can you manage Chamet Agency dashboard? 

After Chamet Agency registration your Chamet agent ID created and login you have access of Chamet agent dashboard where you can add host, Daily earning, get income details of hosts and settlement and commissions.

Login to access your Chamet agency account

chamet agent dashboard help chamet agent to manage their host and sub agency. here chamet agent can see earning details, settlement and withdrawal payment from chamet

An explanation of Chamet agency management system.

  1. After Chamet agent dashboard login you will see menu in left side, Here you can check your Hostess list, Sub-agent list, Daily reports of your hostess and sub-agents, Weekly settlement report of hostess & Sub-agents and Chamet notifications.

  2. You can see your Chamet agency name in top, Invitation Link of Host and agent, Bind wallet for withdrawal or Unbind wallet in case of change Arripay account.

  3. In 3rd box you can see your Chamet agency performance like- Your commission ratio, Number of Hostess and sub-agents, Last day total earning of your hostess and sub-agents statistics.

How to get payment of Chamet earnings? 

 Settlement and Payment: 

The time point of settlement is every Monday at 5:00 am (UTC +8).

Chamet pay the salaries and commissions of yours t every Thursday. Moreover, Chamet practically deduct The Beans from hostesses' accounts after Chamet have made the payment to your Arripay accounts.

1 (3).png
  1. Click "Bind Wallet" on your Chamet agency dashboard.

  2. Click Authorise and Sign up Arripay Account.

  3. Now you can withdraw payment from Arripay every Thursday.

How to invite hostess to Chamet agency? 

First way for add host:

First Click on Invitation Link of Hostess

Chamet host invitation link for invite chamet host

When you click on Invitation Link of Hostess Invitation link copied then share link to your hostess who want to join Chamet app as Host. Then ask your host to open invitation link and bind her phone number. It's must be done by host otherwise she will not add in your agency.

Chamet host registration where host bind her phone number
  1. Select Country’s code

  2. Type host phone number and click Send to get OTP.

  3. Enter OTP and Click on Bind

  4. Ask your host to download Chamet app.

When host Download Chamet app sign up Chamet account with same number which bind in invitation link.

Note: Don't Sign-up host Chamet profile from Google or Facebook.

Create only with phone Number, Goto "More options>Phone"

Second way for add host:

If Host directly download Chamet app then you need to add host manually to your agency portal. Ask your Host Chamet ID and Phone Number that she used while register Chamet profile.

how to add host in chamet agency, it's help you to know bind chamet host.
  1. Login your Chamet Dashboard Goto: Member List > Hostess List

  2. Click on Add button.

  3. Type Host Chamet ID

  4. Select Country code and type mobile number and submit.

add chamet host by id and chamet contact number
chamet host earning and agent accepted

After added Chamet host ID ask your host accept your invitation.

Goto > Profile > Earning >  Agree


How will Host start work on Chamet app?

When your host linked with your Chamet agency she must need to finish face verification on Chamet app for verify as Chamet official host. See in picture below how to complete face verification on Chamet app.

  1. Open Chamet app Goto Profile and click on "My Earning"

  2. In next page you need to click on "My Wallet"

  3. Then in next page click on "Face Verification", Make sure host face in the frame.

Click photo and submit. Now Host can start work on Chamet app after face verification.

chamet host face verification where chamet host do face verification and start work and earn from chamet app.

How to invite sub-agent on Chamet?

If you invite sub-agent on Chamet, you will get higher weekly revenue that means you will achieve higher commission ratio. After your Chamet agency registration you can also invite other agents like you who want work with Chamet. For Chamet sub-agents same policy and process like you, there are no different in you and your sub-agent. (same policy for both) You will his upper agent who solve their problem and you will ask us (We are your upper agent) and we solve it as soon as possible.

You can find your invitation link for agents on your Chamet agency dashboard.

Chamet agent invitation link.png

Benefits of Sub-agents.

  • Your commission ratio is depends on total weekly revenue generated by Host & Sub-agent.

  • Sub-agent have his own dashboard.

  • Sub-agent can manage his team independently.

  • Sub-agent will receive his commission directly from Chamet like you.

 Total revenue of Agency = Revenue of host + Revenue of Sub-agent 

 Example : 

If you invited 4 sub-agents so let's see how it will work.

  • Agent A total income is $500, Agent A commission ratio will be 10%.

  • Agent B total income is $1500, Agent A commission ratio will be 15%.

  • Agent C total income is $1000, Agent A commission ratio will be 10%.

  • Agent D total income is $2000, Agent A commission ratio will be 15%.

If you have no host, only sub-agents so, let's calculate your commission-

Total revenue of your sub-agents is $500 + $1500 + $1000 + $2000 = $5000

Your commission ratio will be 20%

Then your commission from sub-agents like this.

 Your commission  = Your commission ratio - Sub-agent commission ratio * Sub-agent revenue 


  • Commission from Agent A : 20% - 10% = 10% ($500*10% = $50)

  • Commission from Agent B : 20% - 15% = 5% ($1500*10% = $75)

  • Commission from Agent C : 20% - 10% = 10% ($1000*10% = $100)

  • Commission from Agent D : 20% - 15% = 5% ($2000*5% = $100)

 You will get commission  $50+$75+$100+$100=$325 

If you have direct host and they earn $1000 and your commission ratio is 20%

so, you will get $1000 x 20% = $200 commission from your Host.

 Your Total Earning = $325+$200= $525 (Weekly) 


chamet agent policy, where agent can see chamet commission ratio, Chamet agent salary chart and chamet host salary chart.t
Chamet host salary chart where you can see how chamet host earn, you can see chamet salary chart table.

Chamet Host Salary Chart

Chamet agent commission chart where chamet agent can see how much earn from chamet agency.

Chamet Agency Commission Ratio

TalentZ is a top Chamet agent collaboration worldwide.

We train and guide our Chamet agents like- How to mange your Chamet agency, How to add Chamet host, how to withdrawal Chamet salary. We sent instant Chamet agent notification to agent whatsapp number, Also we solve agents problems directly.

Earning Proof

Chamet agent earning daily report where you can see how chamet agent can earn

Cash Out Proof

how to withdraw payment from chamet agent portal and Chamet salary and commission withdrawal from arripayment into bank account transfer.
  • What is Chamet Agency?
    If you can recruit talent for the app and want to earn good money, then you can register as Chamet Agent.
  • How much will i earn from Chamet?
    Different commission ratios are depending on the total weekly revenue of an agency. if you have 20-30 hostess then you can earn good commission from chamet.
  • How to withdraw salary and commission?
    Hostess need to bind their bank into their earnings and agents need to bind Dlocal in agent management portal. we pay the salary to host and commission for agent separately. For Indian Agents: Salary of hostesses and commission of agencies directly paid to Indian agents. We pay the commission separately, so you should not deduct salaries of hostesses, or we may stop cooperate with you.
  • When hostess and agents will receive payment from chamet?
    Chamet pay the salaries every Thursday automatically, so you have to do nothing.
  • How to Invite and add hostess in chamet agency?
    Copy "Invitation link of Hostess" and send it to your hostess, they need to bind their phone number and create an chamet account with same number. Hostess will automatically added into your agency and you can check them into your agent portal: Dashboards>Member list>Hostess list if you can't see your hostess in your hostess list then you can add manually with their Chamet ID and Registered mobile number.
  • Where we can contact for Chamet Official support?
    When you registered as chamet agent we will contact you from Whatsapp on your registered number, if your registered number is not available on WhatsApp then you can contact us for support. Chamet customer care number Helpdesk: WhatsApp: +919661599187 Email:

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