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We're hiring Host or Agency for "KKlive App"

Requirement anchor/host/broadcaster for Who app.It's a direct job.their is also home base job for female. Age limit 18 to 40 age.

Hiyaa: about

What is KKlive App ?

KKlive app is social  Video chat app. Where the Millions of Users match,  make a video call. it can help you to meet interesting people anytime, anywhere.  where you can use video, voice, text, emoticons and have an interesting interactions with others. 

How to earn from Video call?

A great opportunity for you to earn money from video calls. You can earn coins by receving video calls. we calculate coins every half month, which is 1st ~15th as first calculate duration, 16th to the last day of the month as second calculate duration. During each calculate duration, every host must collect no less than 6000 coins, or she will not get salary and her coins will be clear. Host can restart from the next duration once her coins paid or cleared.


How to become KKlive App Host ?

If you want to become a Who App official host then you can definitely become one. to become a  host.

 Become a Host/Anchor 


1. Install KKlive

2. Create KKlive Account choose gender as female

3. Goto Profile and click Become an Anchor

4. Upload one photo, shoot a video for yourself

5. Put Invitation code 558784









then fill up form or ping us whatsapp on +919661599187

Click here for Apply

Then we will make review for their information, once you accepted or rejected, you will receive system msg. Then you can start.

If your profile is rejected , you can check the reason and submit again.


How much you can earn from WHO App?

The more work you do, the more money you get. Target and payment slab given below, you can know what will your 1 week earnings.

How to become WHO App Agent ?

If you are a recruiter or have host and they want to join KKlive App then you can join them and become our KKlive Agency. You will start receiving commission when your  host working.

 Click here Apply for Agency 

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KKlive Signup host
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