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Don't work with Migo live app

 We stopped working with Migo Live 

 They don't have good management 

If you want to work on other app you can join us.

Migo Live

Audio-Video Live Streaming App.

MIGO LIVE allows users to share their lives with the world. It allows users to chat, show their faces, share stories, and meet new friends. It offers group chats and you can also join group conversations. You can chat with other people in different languages and receive virtual gifts. The app makes every moment precious and allows you to connect with your friends all around the world.

Migo live host
Migo audio-voice live

Once you've joined a live stream, you can start interacting with the users and receive virtual gifts. You can even interact with the host by giving virtual gifts. Big Agency, Hosts and spenders will appear on the leaderboards and be featured on the home page of the app. You can also record your live video using your mobile phone and share it with your friends. To share your experiences, you can tag other users, and they can see it, too.

A popular voice chat application, MIGO LIVE lets users video chat with each other. It offers online video chat, live talk, and live music. This application will help you make new associates all over the world and escape boredom. With so many advantages, you'll be glad you've tried it. This audio/video chatting app is an excellent choice for those who want to meet new friends or just talk to your favourite celebrities.

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Migo live host

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How to become Migo Live Host?

Become Host
  1. First Download Migo Live app (Download)

  2. Register via Google, Facebook or Mobile number.

  3. Create  your profile.

  4. Goto Mine> Verify> Be Host> Apply for Host. 

      Agency Code- 9930 

Migo live host registration


Go Live
  1. Click your DP

  2. Submit cover and wait for agency review

When agency pass the cover,then you can start live!

migo live host room create.png

Make A Good DP/Cover

Perfect ✅ (1)_edited.png

Qualified Display Picture :

1. Clean and tidy background.
2. Single person pictures required.
3. Bright lighting and half Body show.
4. Decent dressing and glorious making up.

Avoid to used as DP/cover

  1. Any group picture/Scenic picture/Cartoon Picture Religious picture.

  2. Vulgar picture or any obscene position showing.

  3. Blurred Picture


Preparation list :

1. Light

Device: Two or three Lamps which can provide proper lighting from different angles.

2. Shooting Device:

Phone holder to avoid a shaky picture Smart phone with high mega pixel camera

3. Sound Device: 

Microphone or speaker; Sound adapter/card

4. Good Internet connection

Live equipment .png

Light setting: 

1.Main lamp overhead to make light come naturally .

2. Two table lamps face the white wall to enhance front lighting.

3. A floor lamp behind can make background look more bright and warm.





Migo Host Salary


1. Valid day = host broadcast at least 1 hour in a day.
2. NEW level only for new host first month, new host need finish 40 hours and 15 valid days.
3. The higher the level, the shorter the duration.
4. Diamonds Commission will be issued to host MIGO account before 10th monthly, and host can choose withdraw or exchange.
5. Host continuously finish target(receive commission) for 3 months and done level 3 target or higher, will get extra bonus from 3rd month.

Withdraw rate : 40,000 diamonds = 1 USD.

Host rule:

1. Host only register 1 MIGO ID for host, if MIGO TEAM found host register more than 2 IDs, will remove host as soon as possible and won’t pay 2nd id commission.
2. MIGO TEAM don’t allow any violations, for example, abuse other user, cheat other...Otherwise host id will be banned as soon as possible and host won’t get any commission.

3. MIGO TEAM don’t allow any refund. If host receive any unofficial coins(user recharge and send gifts to host ,then refund),MIGO TEAM will deduct diamonds from host account and ban refund user ID.
4. If host not finish any target for 3 continuous months, host will be removed.
5. If host wants to transfer agency, host needs getting agency’s permission and give transfer fee according to last month’s target level to agency; transfer request only taken before 10th every month.

6. If MIGO TEAM found any mute, no face, no voice, not active issue, will punish host according to “MIGO PUNISHMENT RULES”.


Support Center

Our support team will help you!

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