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Don't work with Migo live app

 We stopped working with Migo Live 

 They don't have good management 

If you want to work on other app you can join us.

Join Migo Live Today!

We’re Hiring Migo Live Agency.

We're Looking for Influencer Agency.


  • Introduce Migo Live to Influencers and Models.

  • Motivate Influencer for join Migo Live as Host.

  • Train host about Migo Live features & live streaming.

  • Manage recruited host and monitor their live streaming.


  • Experience the new world of Audio-Video Live.

  • Get a good commission from your hosts.

  • Special privilege for top agencies.

  • Check hosts earning performance real-time.

  • Can become Migo coin seller.

Download Migo Live

Migo live host
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How to become Migo Live Agency?

  1. First Download Migo Live app (Download)

  2. Register via Google, Facebook or Mobile number.

  3. Create  your profile.

  4. Goto Mine> Certification Center> Be Agency> Apply for Agency. 

      Admin Code- ???????   Apply for agency we will contact you

 Apply admin code while agency registration. ( We will contact you soon)


Migo agency registration
Migo Agency Registration.jpeg
  • Submit information and wait for admin pass

  • After successful submission by host, you can give approval by self through your agency portal

  • You can also check your all host live data in app & host can also check by themselves

Talk With ADMIN

Get in touch with Migo Live Official ADMIN

Talk with Admin





1. Agency recruit new host and host finish NEW task, then agency can get commission. If new host joined after 25th of the month and didn’t finish NEW task, can do this task again in next month.

2. Diamonds commission will be issued to agency MIGO account before 10th monthly, and agency can choose withdraw or exchange.

3. To encourage agency keep growing, official will make monthly target for each agency, different level agency will get different bonus, target detail will be shared by 10th of the month.

4. *Female pretty new host can apply for recruitment bonus(register with admin), after official interview and approve, if host achieve level 2 or higher, agency will get $5 bonus. (*For Video Host Only)

Agency Rule

1. Agency needs to provide MIGO TEAM 10 valid hosts to register.(valid host = finish duration task, different register date, different duration task, Please check Explanation point 5). If agency don’t have 10 valid hosts by 2nd month, agency commission will be deduct 10%.

2. If agency owner misguides their hosts, porn, violent and fake information, not active for one month, disrespect or defame MIGO app/official/team , invite MIGO host to other platform, or leave manage group without permit, agency will be removed and won’t get any commission.

3. Agency need join official training on time, if miss 3 times in one month, agency commission will be deducted.

4. Agency can’t recruit abuse、fake host, otherwise abuse、fake host, this kind of host will be banned as soon as possible, agency will be deducted commission. If agency contempt official or abuse , agency will be cancelled directly and won’t get commission.

5. One agency only can register 1 MIGO ID for agency, agency ID cannot share with any other personal without permit, otherwise agency commission will be deducted.

6. Agency should review hosts cover according to Migo instruction carefully, if agency approve any violating covers, agency commission will be deducted.

7. Agency should guide host to live properly, if host hang-up/black screen/mute live more then 5 min, agency commission will be deducted.


Support Center

Our support team will help you!

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