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Moj Live - a live video streaming and short video platform that make capable creators to showcase their talents and Strong engage with viewers in a real time.

Moj Live is a product of Sharechat.


With Moj Live, Now creators from India can live streaming show such as Live Talk-show, Comedy, Dance, Singing, Cooking, Astrology and much more talents.

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Benefits of MOJ Live Streaming

Earn from Live streaming on MOJ 

You will earn monthly from live streaming base on your target achievements.

Welcome Incentive for Moj creators

Get a incentive bonus for join as creator.

Increase your fans with Moj

Your fan base will be grow when you start live streaming on Moj App. It's also helps you to become celebrity on social media.

Salary chart of MOJ Creators 
(India Market Only)

Moj creators live streaming salary.png

Are you a creator? Apply Now to become a Moj live streamer.

Support Center

Our support team will help you!

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