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Poppo Live

Social Live Streaming App

 Poppo Agency Registration 

For Poppo Live Hosting Call 📞  +91 7970997929

For Poppo Live Hosting Call 📞  +91 797099792


Poppo Live is live social mobile streaming app where people do live streaming and make friends globally. We introduce Poppo live to host and agencies to join us. Here you can earn from live streaming on Poppo Live.

Download Poppo Live

app download icon.png
app download icon.png

    Benifits of Poppo Live    

 Five Benefits for hostess

 Host Salary Chart 


GIFTS EARNING = 70% of GIFT COSTS (40% for call and chat)
VIDEO CHAT = 1400~4200 POINTS per Min.VOICE CALL = 1400~4200 POINTS per Min, MESSAGE = 7 POINTS per MESSAGE

🔸 The withdrawal amount will arrive in the account within 24 hours

Different payment method » service charge might be vary > Please select the
appropriate payment method

coins withdrawal rules : 30%Pcoins + 70% Points =100% withdrawal amount ,
Pcoins will be settled first prior to points • For example : 30,000Pcoins + 70,000
Points= 10 USD

🔸 Weekly Host Hourly Salary Reward Around 100 USD - 300 USD

how to withdraw poppo earning.png

Portal 1 :

Portal 2 :
Live Room

Level up rules: Click here to check the detailed task rewards

The redemption period is in 24hrs, need to manually claim on the same day when a task has been achieved. (UTC+8)

poppo host reward.png


host ranking reward.png

Portal 1 :

Portal 2 :
Live Room

poppo host live ranking.png

Host Ranking Rules ⏩⏩➡️ Click Here

Invite Host Reward

Invite a new host and get upto $14

Method 1

How to Host Join an Agency ?

🔸 A host joins an agency
1. Host needs to click "My agent" under "Home Page"
2. Host ID and code will be provided by host.
Detailed pictures are shown below

popp host ID.png
poppo host id and code.png

Method 2

🔸 Agent invites hosts to join agencyProcess:
1. Agent needs to click "Add Host" under "Home Page"
2. Key in host ID and host code (provided by
host side), and then send an invitation
3. After the host confirms the invitation, the host will
be added to agency.
Detailed pictures are shown below:

poppo invite host method 2.png

How to live streaming on Poppo live ?

🔸 Click on Live button on Live page
🔸 Complete the following steps on the Live application page:
1. Face Authentication
2. Upload the Live cover photo
3. Click Live now to start
The detailed pictures are shown below:

poppo live streaming.png

One single user can only have one account with authentication, and only authenticated
account can open Live and withdraw.
If you have encountered a failure of authentication when you only have one account,
please contact customer service ASAP

Live Setting Guidance:
 Part in red 
 1  Upload Live/Party cover photo (must be authentic and compliant)
 2  Manually key in the Live/Party content
 3  Choose the Live/Party category
 4  Share your Live/Party

 Part in orange 
 5  Choose to receive the calls during Live/Party
 6  Beauty mode setting
 7  Open Live
 8  Open Party
 9  Check and tick"T&C"
 10  Start the Live/Party

how to do live on poppo live.png

How to withdraw earnings of Poppo Host ?

Self-withdraw anytime, reaches in 24-48hrs

🔸 Click "withdraw" on the home page
🔸 Complete the following steps on the withdraw page:
1. Choose and bind your withdrawal method
2. Click "Withdraw now"
3. Click "Record" to check the withdrawal status
The detailed pictures are shown below:

how to withdraw poppo earning.png

1. Exchange Rate: $1=10,000Points =10,000Pcoins.

2. Coins Withdraw Rule: 30%Pcoins + 70%Points = 100%Withdraw
Amount, Pcoin will be settled first. eg. 30,000Pcoins + 70,000Points 10USD.

3. Withdraw amount must be > $10, and a multiple of 10.

4. Host can self-withdraw anytime, and the payment will reach in 24-48hrs.

5. We provide multiple payment methods, please check the details from the app, a service charge is applied and the service charge varies due to the difference in withdrawal rules and currency rates across different payment methods.

Host Rules for Poppo Live

 Account Rules 

  1. No ID registration for a person underage

  2. One user can only have one authenticated ID, open live and money withdrawal only for authenticated ID.

  3. Impersonation of face authentication for the purpose of opening Live and money withdrawal will be banned permanently.

  4. Offer ID to someone else for the purpose of opening Live will be banned permanently by the system.

  5. Female ID registered by male users maliciously will be banned permanently by the system.

 Cover Photo Rule 

The cover photo will be displayed for Live/Party cover

  1. Cover photo must be authentic.

  2. The Live-stream will be cut off if the host does not upload a compliant cover photo.

  3. The more gorgeous cover photo and the better Live performance host practice, the more exposure they will get.

  4. The non-compliant cover photos are shown below:

poppo live covers.jpeg

 Live Rule 

● Any breaks of Live rules might cause the cancellation of Live task rewards on the day, please follow the platform rules accordingly.

  1. No underage person in cam

  2. No promoting any third-party platform

  3. Keep your face inside the camera during the entire Livestream

  4. Sit comfortably and focus on Livestream, do not lie on the bed

  5. No pornography during Live

  6. Tidy and bright Livestream background

  7. Proper dresses and makeups, make good use of beauty effects during Livestream

  8. Take initial to greet and interact with users.

 Change of Agency 

  1. A host who applies to leave the agency must get permission from the agency

  2. Host is not allowed to leave agency without a reasonable and valid reason.
    If the agent replies not to agree, host shall not keep sending spamming messages to the agent.
    Spamming will NOT help to leave agency.

  3. In the following situations, you need to apply to customer service with proofing documents, and the official will verify the situation before you can leave your agency:

    1. The agent has been inactive/not logged in for more than 30 days

    2. The host has made a request of leaving the agency and gets no response from the agent for more than a week

    3. The host was added to an agency without knowing the agent who sent a "join agency" invitation will be considered a malicious invitation.

 Poppo Agency Registration 

Agent Income

The platform gifts share rate is better than most platforms, and we provide hourly salaries

  • Coins: Get from recharge, offline coins recharge is up to: 1USD =9500Coins

  • Points: 10,000Coins of gifts can get host 7,000Points

  • coins: Token from system reward that can be withdrawn

  • Withdrawal rate: 10,000Points = 1USD

1. Agent Commission

a. Agent commission rate is determined by the host's total income under your agency in the recent 30 days

b. Agent Earnings = Host Earnings + 【Invite Agent】 Earnings (Picture below)

c. When the host received a gift, agent commission will be credited timely

d. Agent Commission = Host Earnings x Commission Rate

Poopo agency commission rate.png

 Caution:  The host income is consist of the gift received in Live, Party, Call and Chat, not including any platform rewards such as ranking or tasks.

Eg: The user who recharges 1000 USD can get 9,500,000 Coins Max, the host can get around 750 USD and above, and the agent can get around 150USD and above.

 Poppo Agency Registration 

Agent ranking reward is up to 180USD daily

  • ​The eligible agent can redeem the agent ranking reward daily.

  • The ranking for Live only and is determined by the number of *active hosts under one's agency.

  • How to redeem: redeem manually under the agent live ranking page.

  • Attention: All ranking needs to be manually redeemed the next day, invalid if expired.

  • You can follow the steps in the picture and check for the details in App.

*active host: (at least 1 hour of live duration per day, belong to the
countries in the rank region and no violation)

Support Center

Our support team will help you!

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