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How to earn money from likee app | How to earn form live streaming on likee app | Earn 1 Lakhs+

How to earn money from likee app. we are looking for Host magic live, so join official Host today. You can earn money from live stream on likee app. Stream 15 days and 40 hours in a month then you will get salary if you achieve target of diamonds. If you are a tiktok user, you can also join likee app and make money from likee app.

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What is Likee App?

Likee App is a Video app where you can make short videos and live streaming. It's a part of BIGO Live app.

Why you should join Likee?

You are a creator. You spent daily 2-3 hours for making short videos. Still, you are not famous or want to make money from short videos on tiktok , likee app, or Vigo video app, So you have opportunities of official join Host to do a live stream on Likee app, and you will get salary per month from likee application.

How much can earn from likee app?

On streaming on likee app you can earn more then 1 Lakhs+ per month. It's totally depends on your beans receiving.

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