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Get paid for live streaming...

Tango Live is a live streaming platform where you can earn money from live streaming and it's can be a great way to turn your passion into a career. Tango Live offers a unique opportunity to earn money online. Join Today!

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Official Live Streamers Benefits


Tango help you build a loyal audience and earn money from live streaming


Get famous globally from live streaming.


Earn regular money and you can withdraw daily.

How to start as Tango live streamer

It's simple and easy to start live streaming on Tango live.

 ➊ Download the app 

It’s 100% free for sign-up and registration.

➋ Signup your account

After Downloaded Tango to your smartphone, follow a few simple instructions to create your account.

➌ Complete your profile

Upload your High Quality profile photo for users and fill your name about you to complete your profile.



You can start you live streaming from anywhere and anytime. 

After finished your profile, you’re ready to start your 1st live stream. good things about live streaming on Tango, global audience means that viewers are online 24/7 – so you can start live-streaming whenever want and there’ll be crowds watching from all over the world.

How to earn money from Tango live

You can earn money on tango live streaming app from many ways. 

1. Gifts

Start performing on live and impress your viewers with you talent they will appreciate your hard work!

2. Premium Content

After 1-3 months of streaming, you’ll have a good followers. then offering premium content for fans who truly love your live streams!


Approch fanch to subscribe you, so they never miss a stream. Tango offers various subscription levels so that you earn money every month.

4. Tango Cards

Buy, sell, and trade your or any user’s unique Tango card and make a profit!


On Tango, receive gifts(coins) from users to make money.

5,000 Diamonds –           $25

10,000 Diamonds –         $50

20,000 Diamonds –       $100

50,000 Diamonds –       $250

1,00,000 Diamonds –    $500

2,00,000 Diamonds – $1,000

3,00,000 Diamonds – $1,500

4,00,000 Diamonds – $2,000

How to withdraw money from Tango live


You need Payoneer account to withdraw your earnings is safe and reliable for worldwide use.

It allows streamers to cashout the diamonds you’ve been earned while your live streams and convert them into cash. you’ll need at least 10,000 diamonds, which are equivalent to $50 (5,000 diamonds for your first-time redemption). You can redeem up to 400,000 diamonds ($2,000 USD) per day and typically receive your money within 2-5 business days.

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